"Atlantic Canada's Largest"

Sept 24-26, 2021 Modified Celebration
About Us

The Society:

The North Shore Bavarian Society is a non-profit multi-cultural society.
The members are from various communities with its home base in Tatamagouche, N.S. After three successful Oktoberfest's, the Society was founded on January 29th, 1983.

The Aims of The Society:

As Bavaria, in Germany, typifies an enjoyment of life and living, so the purpose of the Society is to promote a suitable environment for the enjoyment of life and living by the members of the Society and the people living in the area on a whole.

The founders of this Society envision a modern day 'Order of Good Cheer' to the quality of life of the membership and to promote various cultural traditions, represented by the group, within the community.


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